The Region is updating all staff email addresses. This change will standardize and, in most cases, shorten our email address in order to decrease typos and misdirected communication. Don’t worry. Staff will continue to receive emails sent to their previous email addresses as well, but all outgoing emails will now coming from the new email addresses listed below. Thank you for your understanding as we continue to strive to equip leaders in the PSW with effective administration skills (and tools) and to expect excellence in all aspects of administrative leadership.

Rev. Susan Gonzales Dewey
Co-Regional Minister/CEO

Rev. Don Dewey
Co-Regional Minister/President

Bruce Indermill
Senior Administrator

Branden Hendricks
Administrative Assistant

Janelle Vannoy
Administrative Assistant

Michel Johnson
Support Staff & Camp Registrar

Alisa Fraumeni Mittelstaedt
Communications Coordinator

Rev. JoAnn Bynum
Associate Regional Minister
Director, African-American Ministries

Rev. Francisco Ramos
Associate Regional Minister
Director, Hispanic Ministries


Rev. Young Lan Kim
Associate Regional Minister
Co-Director, NAPAD

Rev. Young Jun Yang
Associate Regional Minister
Co-Director, NAPAD

Rev. BJ Barlow
Associate Regional Minister
Youth & Young Adult Ministries

Tanya Lopez
Disciples Women Ministry

AuthorAlisa Mittelstaedt