Dear PSWR Board members and staff, 

The PSW Regional Board discussed the future of the South Bay facility at several board meetings beginning in July, 2018. The South Bay Korean Christian Church (SBKCC) spoke directly to the Board at their November 2018 meeting to present their desire to stay in the property. After serious deliberation, the Board decided to proceed with the marketing and sale of the property, and I informed the (SBKCC) leadership of this decision in writing in January, 2019. 

Marketing of the property began and after many showings and many offers by developers, the Region received an offer from the Los Angeles Archdiocese to purchase the property. Don and I were authorized to act on behalf of the Board. The exact terms of the offer will be discussed during an executive session of the Board during the electronic meeting scheduled for next Monday, April 15th. As the certainty of this offer became more concrete, I wrote to tell the SBKCC congregation of the imminent transaction. 

While the escrow is expected to be very short, April 30th, one of the critical conditions addressed during the negotiations was the continued use by the South Bay Korean Christian Church of the 2-story Fellowship Hall building until after Christmas, 2019. This is the space that they have used for most of their years at the campus. The Diocese did request to be able to use spaces in that building after consultation with the SBKCC congregation and to be able to use the Sanctuary at the close of escrow. To be clear, the SBKCC congregation will continue to be able to worship, fellowship and serve. And, the SBKCC will have eight months, with the support of Regional staff, to plan for their future. 

The Regional Board is committed to assist SBKCC with this anticipated change. The leadership of South Bay Korean Christian Church on several occasions, including the November board meeting, were informed that the Region has a model to provide for transitional support for this congregation. A board-approved template will be considered soon; it will make provisions for monetary assistance for the existing congregation. In addition to this template assistance, SBKCC will continue to receive Acts 2 funds to support the funding of their pastoral compensation. 

I would ask all Board members and staff to join me in praying for the South Bay Korean Christian Church congregation as they go through the stages of grief and loss. As with all grieving processes, we can anticipate that the congregation will experience denial, shock, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. And the Region is committed to walk alongside them as they do. 


Norm Williams

AuthorAlisa Mittelstaedt