PSWR Young Adult Retreat

Monterey Bay | August 29 - September 2

We are looking for 10 young adults (ages 18-33) who are passionate about creation theology and environmental justice to attend a special regional retreat to Monterey Bay for the BlueTheology Pilgrimage. The cost is $150 and includes travel (driving), meals, programming, and lodging for 4 nights. 

You will be guests of the Christian Church of Pacific Grove, California, a church located one block from the Monterey Bay of the Pacific Ocean. Rev. Deborah Streeter is the Coordinator of the Blue Theology Adult Retreats. She has led many retreats on the theme of ocean stewardship and spirituality. She is a regular weekly volunteer guide at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and docent at Point Lobos State Reserve. 

The Pilgrimage could include: 
- Stay at lovely Pacific Grove bed and breakfasts. 
- Drive to Asilomar, Big Sur, Point Lobos, etc. 
- Walks, shared prayer, suggested reading. 
- Time and space for silence and study. 
- Presentations and time for reflection on ocean spirituality and stewardship. 
- Personally guided free visits to the Aquarium and Point Lobos with a spiritual flavor. 
- Beach clean up and native plant restoration. 
- Hands-on research at Asilomar Beach on the effects of climate change on marine organisms. 
- Creative writing and journaling about ocean spirituality. 

Those attending the Pilgrimaged will be asked to present their experiences to their local communities PSWR Board upon return. Click here to register.

Save the date: Steve Willis Fishing Excursion

For the last two years the PSWR Youth Ministry has hosted a deep sea fishing trip out of San Pedro as a way of building community and having an amazing experience in God’s creation. Rev. Steve Willis absolutely loved this event and was the very first person to register last year. He enthusiastically encouraged folks from his church (FCC Las Vegas) to travel hours for a day on the open ocean and anticipated the event with great excitement. Many of us remember this time with Steve as precious and fun for all we came! In honor of Steve, his love of the outdoors, and for his efforts to bring folks together, we are re-naming the Family Fishing Excursion the “Steve Willis Fishing Excursion.” 

You are invited to bring your family and church friends to experience a beautiful day of fellowship and fishing on Tuesday, August 6 out of San Pedro. Details of cost and time will be released in the coming weeks. In the meantime, mark your calendars and let’s plan on making it an amazing time of fellowship! Click here to register online.

NEW Young Adult Online Bible Study

Friday morning | 10:00 a.m.

No homework. No preparation. No stress. Log online for scripture reading, discussion, and prayer. It is a great way to stay connected to what’s important with people who are just trying to live life in love. Everyone 18 to 35 years old are welcome. As we grow, additional times and groups may develop. We are beginning with the story of Job. If you are interested, contact B. J. Barlow ( or Jess Kim ( for log-in information.


1. Working with youth requires training.

2. Affection is not always wanted.

3. Maintain a Learner’s Mindset

4. Covenant Together

As we look toward 2019, the PSWR Youth and Young Adult Ministries want to make sure every parent, every pastor, and every one who engages in regional ministries can do so without fear of unsafe or dangerous conditions. We are committed to provide sanctuary for those who seek God’s love and covenant with one another. Continue Reading

Planning a Fall Leadership Retreat?

This highly effective congregational leadership program equips the skills and abilities vital for volunteer leadership in today's rapidly changing landscape. The program emphasizes the development of adaptive and transformational skills and draws on contemporary leadership theory, and practice with thirty-five years of research development. Through interactive team-building, personal reflection assessment, and creative ministry strategies your volunteers and staff will spend quality time developing passion for impact in your community.

Topics Include: 
- Unlocking Passionate Faith Practices for Any Size Congregation
- Strengthening Organizational Health
- Adaptive Leadership/Conflict Resolution
- Engaging Leaders When There Aren’t Many Around
- Developing Effective Team Ministries

“B. J. brought such fresh energy and views to our workshop! He showed us how a simple shift in perspective can make a huge difference, bringing out our positive side… Excellent choice!” – Jeannie Dunsworth, North Long Beach Christian Church

For more information or to book a date, contact Rev. Benjamin Barlow at