APPLICATIONS FOR israel-palestine TRIP DUE – spots are still open!


Thirteen young adults (ages 18 to 35) will be selected among applicants to travel to Israel/Palestine to experience the stories of the people in conflict. So much of what gets reported about the conflict by the America media is biased against the Palestinians. To the casual observer, it’s extremely difficult to not only identify the Palestinian plight but also break down the perpetuated stereotype against Islam, such as the notion that all Muslims are terrorists. The media’s polarized coverage lessens the impact of the human tragedy that is unfolding in the region: the suffering of the Palestinians and Israel’s continued oppression and human rights violation in the West Bank. First and foremost, we hope this trip will inspire our young adults to continue seeking the truth and recognize the systemic circle of violence that fuels the conflict. In addition, while we will encourage the participants to look closely at the two narratives and form their own conclusions, we hope that they will come back with the courage to speak out against Israeli aggression and demand justice for our Palestinian brothers and sisters.  

Cost: $3600 per person (Scholarships available reducing cost to around $2,000)

Support: The PSWR will continue to apply for financial assistance on the behalf of all accepted applicants. The goal is to reduce the cost for each participant in order to ensure everyone who is accepted can afford to travel on this trip! Each participant is encouraged to engage support from their local Disciples congregation and acquire sponsors from their communities.

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The PSWR Youth and Young Adult Ministries are excited to host a denomination-wide project for young adults (18-33 yrs old) that offers a 10 day immersion learning experience for those interested in immigration advocacy and community organization. We will learn the stories and struggles of immigrants in the United States and all over the world. If you or someone you know is a passionate and dedicated young leader (ages 18 to 35), we encourage you to download the information/application packets and return them by the deadline: March 31, 2018.

If accepted, you will travel throughout Southern California speaking with life-long advocates and social workers to discover ways of making an impact in communities all over the world for the sake of sojourner, refugee, and immigrant. You will work with other young leaders to brainstorm ways to properly respond and empower immigrants in your own communities. This immersion experience includes visits to Los Angeles, San Diego, Tijuana (Mexico), conversations with immigrant families in Disciples of Christ congregations, resourcing with staff from Matthew25 immigration program, opportunities to debrief experiences with Rev. Lori Tapia, Tana Liu-Beers, Xose Escamilla, and much, much more. With the support and partnership of NAPAD and Obra Hispana, this is an opportunity that is certain to energize your ministry.

For more information on this project, click here to download the information packet

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If you have questions or want to know more about the itinerary, please contact our Associate Regional Minister, B. J. Barlow at



One. The running theme of Disciples of Christ's General Assembly this year. Never has a single word meant more than it did at the General Assembly. It's funny how we don't think about mundane, everyday words; much less about how valuable and significant they can truly be and the impact they can have on our lives.  

Attending General Assembly was such an exciting adventure. To have the opportunity to travel with such an amazing group of people (PSWR Young Adult Leaders) to a conference who's purpose was to encourage, and practice, unity amongst our churches was a genuine pleasure and blessing.  READ ON