We know you have heard bits and pieces from us and the PSWR about this new emerging discipline of Spiritual Entrepreneurship.  It is an exciting time to be on this side of the innovation curve and we are honored to be one of a few incubators in the country to be doing this work.  The PSWR is doing some amazing and innovative work and we are proud partners!  We just finished our April launch of our Certificate in Spiritual Entrepreneurship and we would like you, and maybe perhaps even your team, to think about being involved in the next launch coming September 24th.   

Within our Christian communities and congregations you can't help but be a part of conversations that are asking questions of what it means to move our faith into the future in ways that are transformational and meaningful.  At Hatchery LA we are an incubator for Spiritual Entrepreneurship and are asking what it looks like to innovate our theologies and methodologies in ways that are sustainable and viable for movement into the 21st Century.
With that being said we have teamed up with some friends to talk a little bit more about what this looks like.  We would like to invite you to a series of conversations in which we explore theological questions, dilemmas of practitioners and hear from some of our own Certified Spiritual Entrepreneurs.  Through this series of conversations we will be looking at some of the implications of moving faith into the future in ways that make sense theologically, spiritually and organizationally. 
This is completely free.  We just need you to sign up and you will have access to all three conversations when they are released starting September 6th.
Our conversation partners include Peter Rollins, Sue Phillips and Certified Spiritual Entrepreneurs.  Peter Rollins is a writer, philosopher, storyteller and public speaker who has gained an international reputation for overturning traditional notions of religion and forming “churches” that preach the Good News that we can’t be satisfied, that life is difficult, and that we don’t know the secret.  Sue Phillips is the Director of Strategy at the On Being Impact Lab, the founder of FAITHIFY, the first denominationally-affiliated crowdfunding site, and is the co-author with colleagues Angie Thurston and Casper ter Kuile of Faithful and Care of Souls which explore emerging models of spiritual innovation.   Finally, three Certified Spiritual Entrepreneurs from Hatchery LA’s Certificate in Spiritual Entrepreneurship program, Chaz Snider, Natasha Holmes and Alex Tan will be sharing about how the discipline of Spiritual Entrepreneurship helped move them forward in their ministry and in their own call and passions.    

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Click here to learn more and sign up for free.  Looking forward to sharing these conversations with you!  And, more than that, exploring the intersections of Future and Faith!
See you soon!
Spencer Burke, Maria French and Barry Taylor
The Hatchery LA Team

AuthorAlisa Mittelstaedt