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For the last four months, Search Committee members have been meeting with groups throughout the PSWR to listen and gather input about the Region and our future Regional Minister. A detailed summary of who we have met with is included under the link to the right called, “What is the Search Process?” Here’s a recap:

  • 23 Regional groups were met in person or via direct contact. This included about 225 people
  • 10 groups were contacted via email only and surveys/links were sent to their members
  • 11 Region-wide congregational listening sessions were held from Hawaii to Las Vegas and Bakersfield to San Diego. About 375 people attended (Over 60 percent of attendees were from our Hispanic Convención congregations)
  • 8 groups were contacted and either: we are still in-process, we have received no response, we could not attend or, the group no longer meets or chose not to participate
  • Every church was mailed a hard copy letter encouraging them to take the on-line survey or attend a listening session
  • The July and August E-Shout newsletters and Regional Facebook page included publicity about the online survey and participation in The Search process
  • Flyers were handed out about The Search at the National Hispanic Assembly, National African American and NAPAD Convocations to encourage possible candidates to apply for the job
  • As of August 21, 2018 we have received 60 responses via the online survey