Regional Minister and CEO/President
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)-Pacific Southwest Region

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the Pacific Southwest Region is on the leading edge of God’s mission for unity and wholeness in the diversity of the 21st century.

The Pacific Southwest Region (PSWR) celebrates diversity as its greatest strength and its greatest challenge.  Within our 99 congregations, at least six languages are spoken regularly in worship, and a tapestry of races, ages, theologies, immigration statuses, socio-economic statuses, gender/sexual orientation identities, and ethnicities are woven together.  We have some congregations that have ministered in their communities for well over 100 years, and some churches that are trying creative models of ministry.  We have growing congregations and struggling ministries of all sizes.  Additionally, we have two nationally recognized Disciples-related institutions of higher education and numerous community-based Regional ministries.  Our love of God and our commitment to the underlying covenant between Disciples of Christ congregations calls us to the same Table.  We have experienced the blessings and richness such diversity holds, and understand that true unity in the midst of such diversity can be hard and messy.

Given the unique and vibrant qualities of the PSWR, we seek a leader who can…

  • Be a unifying presence in the PSWR, fully recognizing the many expressions of diversity throughout the Region and the call of all people to Christ’s Table.

  • Provide leadership in communicating between the Region and congregations, and among congregations thereby contributing to strong participation and a sense of belonging across all congregations in the Region.

  • Be a visionary in the PSWR in the innovation and creation of new models of ministry and service within our existing churches and with new church starts.

Requirements for the Position: 

In order for a candidate’s profile to be considered by the Search Committee, s/he must:

  • Have a personal relationship with God and commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ through regular prayer and practice of spiritual disciplines, and who strives to grow in spiritual maturity. 

  • Be an ordained minister with good standing in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

  • Have received a formal theological education at an accredited seminary. 

  • Have completed Pro-Reconciling, Anti-Racism training within the last five years.

  • Understand and be committed to the Ministerial Code of Ethics.

  • Possess strong administrative skills, including financial and resource management, direction of personnel, and the ability to delegate duties.

  • Have strong interpersonal skills including active listening and effective communication.

  • Be an impactful preacher.

  • Have direct experiences interfacing with a variety of cultural communities.

  • Understand the history of the Christian Church Disciples of Christ (DOC) and be committed to DOC identity, polity, ethos, and the Mission of the Regional and General DOC church.



While not required, the Search Committee believes the following skills and experiences will contribute to the success of the next Regional Minister and CEO/President of the PSWR.   

Preferred Skills:

  • Have served as a local Congregational Pastor, with a minimum of 5 years of experience.

  • Demonstrated ability to coordinate and oversee Regional programs.

  • Understand the functions and roles of the Regional Church in relation to local congregations and the General Church.

  • Understand how to support the growth in ministry of new church starts and existing congregations of all sizes.

  • Be bi/multi-lingual.

  • Have developed skills in mediation and leading through conflict.

  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively through various forms of technology.

  • Have the skills to develop and implement assessment tools and utilize these tools to evaluate program success and allocate resources.

  • Be aware of her/his own gifts and limitations, and practice balance between work and personal life.

Preferred Experiences:

  • Achieved a minimum of a Master’s of Divinity degree or equivalent.

  • Demonstrated service to and support of underrepresented communities, such as differently abled, socio-economic disadvantaged, LGBTQ+, immigrants, races different than your own, and ethnicities other than your own.

  • Experience working with children, youth, and young adult programs, and camp and conference ministry.

  • Familiarity with and appreciation for a diversity of theological beliefs, ideals and expressions of worship.

  • Demonstrated commitment to social justice.

Position Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide administrative leadership for the Office of the Regional Minister and CEO/President, particularly in the areas of financial and resource management, Regional program oversight (including Regional Assemblies and Gatherings), and direct supervision and performance review of administrative and pastoral staff.

  • Serve or designate staff to participate on the boards of various Regional Ministries.

  • Participate in Regional and General Ethnic Ministry events.

  • Serve on the Committee on Ministry. 

  • Serve on the boards of various General Church ministries, and provide leadership and linkages between the PSWR and the General Church. 

  • Represent the PSWR in ecumenical and interfaith church relationships, developing strong relationships between the PSWR and our interfaith sisters and brothers and encouraging congregations to do the same.

  • Provide pastoral support and resources for clergy who serve throughout the Region.

  • Provide support to congregations in times of transition (Search and Call), crisis, and conflict. 

  • Participate fully in the College of Regional Ministers and Western Regions in Ministry.

  • Participate fully on the Boards of Chapman University and Disciples Seminary Foundation.

Term of Service

We seek a candidate to serve as the next Regional Minister and CEO/President. This is a six-year term. Upon approval by the Regional Board of Directors, the Regional Minister and CEO/President will be eligible for a second six-year term for a maximum of twelve (12) years of total service. 

Nominations and Application Process

The Regional Minister Search Committee will receive nominations at PSWRsearch@gmail.com .

To assure full consideration, those interested in applying for the position must submit a letter of interest by November 9, 2018. In the letter, applicants should provide their personal characteristics, qualifications and/or experiences that meet the Preferred Skills and Preferred Experiences sections of the Position Description, which can be viewed here. In addition, applicants must include contact information where they wish to receive communications from the Search Committee. Letters should be sent to PSWR Search Administrator, 5225 Canyon Crest Drive., Ste. 71-711, Riverside, CA 92507 and electronically to PSWRsearch@gmail.com .

All applicants are required to provide updated profile information and letters of reference through the Search & Call process: https://www.discipleshomemissions.org/clergy/search-call/  The application period is now closed as of December 7, 2018.