For our youth, summer camp can be a vital experience in their spiritual and social development.  They build lasting relationships, gain leadership skills, connect with nature and build their faith.  Here’s what some of our campers have to say about it:

“It’s a get away from everything else and you get to be with God, and you make new friends that love God too.”

“The memories and the fun times we have at camp, when you put it all together, it just makes a great story.  I am so going to send my kids here. We get closer to God, and we sit on really high mountains and look at the stars.  It’s really cool.”

“My favorite part of camp is when we go up to inspiration point and we worship God.”

“Loch Leven is special to me for two reasons, because it’s beautiful up here and the people, and it’s like a family.”

“You feel a lot closer to God up in the mountains”

“You make a lot of new friends and not just friends that are for one week a year, but lifetime friends."

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The Christian Church Pacific Southwest Region sponsors various youth camps throughout the year at its own camp and conference center, Loch Leven, located in the Mountain Home Village area of the lower San Bernardino mountains. In the summer, week-long residential camp sessions are offered at Loch Leven for ages 4 through 18 (recent high school graduates).

Summer camps are organized by the Camps & Conference Committee of the Disciples of Christ Pacific Southwest Region and implemented entirely by dedicated volunteers made up of former campers, pastors, parents and young adults from around the Region. This program invites campers to explore, learn, and have adventures in Loch Leven's sunny 160 acres filled with streams, meadows, gardens, hiking trails, and wildlife. 

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AuthorAlisa Mittelstaedt