Your Pacific Southwest Region (PSWR) is well known as one of the most diverse of the 32 Regions that make up our Disciples’ denomination.
As a new and innovative way of bringing to life the beauty of our Region’s diversity, we present I Am The PSWR.

The purpose of I Am The PSWR is to create a colorful, creative, and personal view of the PSWR. Our goal is to involve everyone in the Region, including YOU, in this project. JOIN US! here to find out how.

We invite you to enjoy the personality, spirit, and smiles of the PSWR!



Home Churches: Orange & North Hollywood First Christian Church

"I love the wide diversity of this Region; 'all does mean all.' I also am grateful for outstanding Regional leadership that believes in empowering and inspiring local Disciples congregations to be mission-minded, Spirit-filled, and grace-full."




Home Church:  University Christian Church / San Diego

"The PSWR has given me a chance to meet new and unique people I never would have met otherwise.
Also the weather is really nice."




Home Church: Orange First Christian Church

“I appreciate the innovative and progressive ways the PSWR welcomes and invites people and congregations into ministry.  I also love how the PSWR values people of all ages, races, sexual orientations, backgrounds. We are modeling what it means to be a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world.”




Home Church: North Hollywood First Christian Church

“PSWR has given me opportunities to share my music, worship leading, and drum circle facilitation with others in the region, including the planning of Regional Assemblies, Camps, and Women's Conferences. 
I can connect with other disciples in the region who are interested in the same issues I am. PSWR enables
us to lend a hand when needed and to support the work each congregation is doing in their area.”




Home Church: Orange First Christian Church

"Thank you PSWR for Loch Leven. I went to Wee Camp and it was so fun. The music day [Rock the Loch] is also my favorite because I can play and sing and dance. I love Loch Leven so much!"



Home Church: Abundant Life Christian Church

"The PSWR Is Blessed To Be A Blessing...."






Home Church: Iglesia Cristiana de Sun Valle






Home Church: Saegil Christian Church

“What I appreciate about our PSWR the most is our focus to youth, young adults, and women's ministry!!! Also, the diversity that our region embraces!!”




Home Church: Fullerton First Christian Church 

"The Pacific Southwest Region is such a privilege to be a part of. When I think of the PSWR, I think of family. There has never been a time in my life when I felt alone or unloved, because no matter what, my church family (local and Regional) will always be there for me. It's refreshing to identify with a ministry that invites and affirms ALL people to join hands and worship together. I AM the PSWR."





Home Church: Orange First Christian Church 

"What I appreciate about the PSWR is that it feels like home no matter how long I've been away.”




Home Church: Church of the Valley 

"What I appreciate about the PSWR is the loving and supportive connection to a family-centric community that it provides. PSWR to me is the same now as it was when I first walked into Bixby Knolls Christian Church for the first time at 12 years old. Warm, inviting, safe, community, family – a true definition of what love is.”




Home Church: Downey Memorial Christian Church 

"What I appreciate about the PSWR is all of the great fun people!”






Home Church: Orange First Christian Church 

"What I appreciate about the PSWR is the open minded, come as you are, welcome environment!”





Home Church: First Christian Church of Honolulu 

"What I appreciate about the PSWR is the diversity of people.”





Home Church: First Christian Church of Orange / Chapman University / Allisonville Christian Church

"What I appreciate about the PSWR is the strength of relationships across generations and cultures that continually welcomes and nurtures leaders!.”