The purpose of “I Am The PSWR” is to create a colorful, creative, and personal view of the PSWR.  Our goal is to involve everyone in the Region, including YOU, in this project!  So…how does it work? It’s simple; all you need to do to participate are the following three things: 

1. Send a photo of your face – one that captures your true personality! 

2. Answer the following three “I Am The PSWR” profile questions: 
    My name is: 
    My home church is:  
    What I appreciate about the PSWR is: 

3. Invite all your Regional friends to join by sending us their photos.


Our plan is to gather photos of all the beautiful faces in our Region to use for the creation of a dynamic collage highlighting and celebrating the unique face that is the PSWR! Special Regional website and Facebook links are being created which will feature all faces and profiles. 


To get started, here are a few more answers to a few more questions:

Who is hosting the “I Am The PSWR” project? Your Region ~ The PSWR.

Coordinator? Dan Oliver - your PSWR Minister of Stewardship & Giving.

Participants? You, & every member of every congregation & ministry group.

Dates? Today through October 17, 2015 Regional Gathering, and beyond!

Purpose? To boldly & creatively celebrate the beauty of PSWR diversity.

What should My Photo Include? All you need is a quality photo of your face (shoulders up), which best shows YOUR personality! 

Where Do I Get A Photo of My Face? Use an existing photo or take a new     one; do a professional photo-shoot or use your iPhone!

How Should I Send My Photo? – All photos should be emailed as a “Jpeg” file to Dan Oliver @

How Can I See My & Others’  Faces? Click on the PSWR Website or our Facebook @disciplespswr

Will My Photo Be Seen By Others? Yes, on the PSWR website and     Facebook, and possibly through other PSWR promotions. 

Are There Ways I Can Help? – Great question…YES!

  • Tell your Church and Regional friends to get involved. 
  • Post on your Social Media an invitation to send in photos. 

Who Do I Contact With Questions or For Other Ways to Help? Dan Oliver (DanO) by email at, or cell at 714-328-3947. 


Thank you in advance for actively participating and being part of the beautiful face of the PSWR!