By Rev. Don Dewey and Rev. Susan Gonzales Dewey, Co-Regional Ministers

“This is what I will do in the last days, God says: I will pour out my Spirit on everyone!” ~ Acts 2:17a 

The Pentecost Season is just around the corner, and there is a fresh wind blowing within the PSWR! 

Christian communities around the world will soon celebrate the season of Pentecost as the birth of the Church. This season commemorates the coming of God’s Holy Spirit to all people in a language that all could understand. This was affirmed in the message of Peter, who quoting the prophet Joel said, “This is what I will do in the last days, God says: I will pour out my Spirit on everyone!” 

For those first disciples, God’s Spirit was experienced like a mighty wind blowing, igniting a fire within them like dry kindling that bursts into flames of Gospel passion! From that moment on, the Good News of Jesus Christ spread like wildfire and over 2000 years later we are once again feeling its power. 

It is a time of transition and transformation with our Region as the mighty wind of God’s Holy Spirit blows in and through us! We are already seeing the signs of new life emerging in places where there appeared only the dry bones of Ezekiel’s prophecy. Places like Oceanside Sanctuary (formerly FCC Oceanside) with the leadership of Jason and Jenell Coker; FCC Santa Barbara and the Way Collective with the leadership of Tim Burnette; Mission Hills CC and the leadership of Ryan Prior; Community Worship Center with the leadership of Ruben and Cindy del Pilar; The Haven (formerly DelHaven CC) with the leadership of Clemette Haskins; Casa de Refugio with the leadership of Francisco Ramos and Soriliz Rodriquez; McCarty Memorial CC with the leadership of Eddie Anderson and Lisa Tunstall; UrbanMission with the leadership of Al Lopez, Nora Jacob and Steven Patten; or FCC Riverside and Iglesia Nueva Vida and the leadership of Matt Harris-Gloyer and Rogelio Martinez. 

The Spirit is moving in our newest church plants: Life Ministries in LA with the leadership of Ronnie Taylor; Missiongathering Pasadena with the leadership of Rich McCullen and Yani Davis; and Beloved CC with the leadership of Dale and Shelly Suggs! Beloved CC has also been recognized by the General Church as a church that has been planted as an example of the 2020 Vision. Read the full article here.

Yes, a fresh wind is blowing and it is a thrilling time of transition and transformation. New and exciting leadership is emerging in our Region with the recent ordinations of Rene Martin, Beth McQuitty, Larry Morris, Rip Rippetoe and Debbie Rice, as well as upcoming ordinations of Cisa Payuyo, VeAnn Clark and Joi Robertson! We also celebrate the Installation of Branden Johnson at FCC Burbank. 

Now with a new Regional Minister soon to be named, the PSWR is ready for an exciting future as God’s Spirit enlivens, empowers and explodes among us in ways we can’t even imagine. We pray that each one of us will catch the Spirit’s fire and be bold in our witness as those first disciples, sharing the good news of God’s love and grace for everyone. 

Friends, our world is hungering for our good news. Good news of a love that heals, forgives, seeks peace, demands justice, acts with compassion, and embraces all unconditionally. This was the transforming power unleashed on that first Pentecost, may it be so again for us and for our world!

Together on the journey,

Don and Susan

AuthorAlisa Mittelstaedt