Dr. Jim Cain, author, clinician, and all-round camp guru, led 35 of our best volunteers in an amazing and energetic training on Saturday, June 8. Loch Leven was buzzing with excitement for camp as our volunteers played new ice-breakers, teambuilding exercises, and helpful activities to get all of us in the mood for community and learning. 


Dr. Cain spent seven hours with 2019 Summer Camp counselors and directors sharing wisdom that inspires. “It is always better to show and tell than just to tell” said Cain, just before teaching a game that got us all laughing and interacting like old friends. We seamlessly moved from one activity to the next and the learning never stopped. There were so many resources shared that our camps are bound for a fantastic season!

I have been to dozens of camp trainings at Loch Leven, and this was the best!” Leah Dewey (First Christian Church, Orange)

THANK YOU, Camp Ministry Committee, for making this such a successful training for all of us! We worked hard but it was sooo much fun!

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AuthorAlisa Mittelstaedt