Greetings everyone!

We have been so busy around here!  In the business of innovation you have to keep moving and keeping walking into the future, always anticipating shifts, movements, growth and opportunities!  With that being said, we just launched our first round of our Phase 2: Coaching and Training program for three churches in the PSWR.   This is a five-month, customized program we have developed where we walk pastors and their teams through a process in which, what we call, a Minimum Viable Benefit is developed, tested and launched.  At Hatchery we define a MVB as the following:

The Minimum Viable Benefit offers a unique value proposition by fulfilling a discovered need and creating transformation around that need.

Working within the ecosystem of your context, a hypothesis is developed and tested around a perceived primary need that is informed by:

  • Cultural and economic realities

  • Mechanisms of connectivity

  • Models of sustainability authentic to your audience 

Developing a Minimum Viable Benefit out of a Spiritual Entrepreneurship framework empowers embodiment of agency not propped up by former models.  Rather it is released from constraints that hinder iteration and innovation.

We have just launched this curriculum for the first time after much research, development and processes of Human Centered Design to ensure that we offer our pastors with the best innovative practices for producing spiritual transformation around a felt and discovered need while also addressing issues of theological, organizational and financial sustainability.  

We have a beautiful online learning platform that allows each team to interact with each other and us no matter where they are.  We lead with a small teaching video at the beginning of the week, then there is a task to complete and the week ends with a live coaching call from one or more of our team members.

We are thrilled to be doing this ministry of innovation in the PSWR!  We believe in the future of the church, we believe in the future of the PSWR and this is our contribution to the building and rebuilding, the forming and transforming, the figuring and refiguring of things God and faith to come.  We look forward to the journey with you!

Maria French and the Hatchery LA Team   

AuthorAlisa Mittelstaedt