We have a working, permitted elevator. Hallelujah!

Staff offices are up and running on the second floor. We still have a few boxes to unpack and we are taking our time as we purchase new desks and furniture. But you are welcome anytime. We may ask you to unpack a box or take home a parting gift but come on by.

First Christian Church, Fullerton members will tour the renovated facility this Sunday, January 6th, following worship. We look forward to sharing the results with the congregation whose gift initiated the opportunity to relocate our Regional ministries to Fullerton.  Their outreach ministries, sharing a hot meal ministry and providing hospitality to a large 12-step group, continue weekly. FCCF anticipates providing Worship and Wonder experiences to their own community and to the broader Regional congregations.

Casa de Oracion, Fullerton will begin the new year worshipping in the Fellowship Hall and providing children’s ministries in the renovated first floor of the West Wing. These dedicated spaces will be available to the entire Region during Regional Assemblies and Gatherings.  

Our phone transition has taken much longer than we expected. Good news: we will retain our long-standing phone number (626 296 0385). Bad news: AT&T, despite four months prior notice, will not be able to complete that connection until January 14th. In the meantime, please use our temporary number: (714) 459 0970. If you receive a busy signal, please bear with us and call back.

January’s calendar is a busy one. The Disciples Ministry Center will host a two-day retreat for the Committee on Ministry and several one-day retreats for the Regional Ministry Search Committee, Regional Board, and Regional Staff.

If you are planning Regional ministry events, please contact Janelle Vannoy atassist@disciplespswr.org to submit a calendar request.

AuthorAlisa Mittelstaedt