by Young Lan Kim

Before we started this trip, we decided to attend this trip for different reasons. Some people wanted to see the knowledge of the Bible that we have known for a long time, and some people wanted to know about unknown lands that they do not know very well. Some people wanted to learn about the new culture, and some people might come because of their friends who asked them to join this trip. And of course, there were those who dream of visiting the Holy Land as Christians.


Whatever the reason might be, I believe that God has brought us together as a team in this land. God clearly has a purpose for bringing us together.

And my prayer is for each of us to find out the purpose and meaning of this trip through this Holy Land journey. And I hope that this trip will be an important moment of each person’s life journey. 


Some people may be disappointed with our trip because of what they expected in the States. Some may ask themselves, “Why am I here?”

However, if they believe in God who has a special plan for each of us, I say, “Open your hearts, and listen to what we have to hear and see what we need to see.”

Rev. Young Lan Kim
Associate Regional Minister
Co-Director, NAPAD

AuthorAlisa Mittelstaedt