Greetings from Hatchery LA! We have so many wonderful things to share with you! So much has happened between newsletters! The first thing that we would like to share is that we launched our Certificate in Spiritual Entrepreneurship course last week on April 23rd! We are thrilled to have 35 students enrolled! Not only are we working to equip PSWR Pastors for 21st century ministry, but also we have ministry leaders from all different denominations joining us from all over the world! We have had such an overwhelming response to our course offering! We are looking forward to journeying over the next 12 weeks with this cohort as we prepare for our next Certificate launch in September!

In other news, earlier in April, Maria attended the Wild Women of the West interregional women’s conference. She was invited to help lead the worship service on Friday night and was honored to partner with Rev. Marilyn Williams, IDWM President, in presiding over and administering communion. It was an amazing time of connection with women all over the Disciples, as well as getting to know leaders at the general office! As we intentionally work to continue to build relationships within the Disciples, both within the PSWR and nationally, we appreciated this opportunity of connection, community and friendship.

Maria-teaching live learning session.JPG

Lastly, Spencer had an opportunity to speak to the women’s group at Pastor Steven Fietz’s church, First Christian in Torrance. We are so thankful to be able to connect with churches and congregations in the PSWR and to find out how we can best partner with them and be a resource for them.

In closing, before Spencer spoke at First Christian he was setting up his computer to connect to their projector. An adaptor was needed because Spencer has a newer computer and the inputs have changed, the way information is passed through has been iterated and a connection was not possible without the proper translator. So he ran out, picked up the adaptor and made the connection happen. In some ways, Hatchery LA is acting as an adaptor for those called to do ministry in a time when the religious landscape is changing and shifting faster than we can imagine. The way we gather, the way we worship, even the medium of the message is evolving and forming based on how culture is evolving and forming. We have a new computer that can’t get the message across because it is trying to connect to equip without the proper channel.

Hatchery LA exists to serve ministries and pastors, first and foremost, in the PSWR. We want to be the adaptor that helps you connect the message to new cultural contexts. We believe this is where the future of the church lies.

Looking forward to sharing more next time!

AuthorAlisa Mittelstaedt