I am excited and sad to announce my time at Loch Leven is ending. What a great adventure we have had together!  I am grateful for so many things:

The opportunity you gave me to be the steward of this incredible place.  I have learned so much about sustainability and best practices for all God’s creation who inhabit this property. The staff at Loch Leven has a genuine passion for our mission.  I am proud of what our team has accomplished. Together we have maintained “an intentionally accessible and hospitable meeting place where all guests can enjoy fellowship and spiritual renewal.”  With help, we continue to “actively promote conservation, preservation and appreciation of Loch Leven's unique environmental and historical resources.”

 The love and dedication of my Disciples family. Our Co-Regional Ministers, the Reverends Don and Susan, have been incredibly supportive of Loch Leven as well as of me, both personally and professionally. Regional Staff, Boards, Committees, Churches, and many individuals have helped us thrive these past 8 years. I value all our relationships. 

The opportunities to serve other denominations and religions.  Loch Leven hosts faith communities from churches, temples, and mosques throughout southern California. It has been inspiring to see the many different ways people grow closer to God, and each other, while they are here. It has been an honor to help facilitate the camping programs of our units and ministries as well as those from outside our denomination. I know from experience and research the potential positive development camping programs can provide. Camp Joe Ide (All People’s Community Center) and our developing Project Impact Camp within the PSWR, as well as non-PSWR programs like Camp 99 and Western Young People’s Advance are excellent examples. I feel blessed to be a part of all these life-changing communities.

The opportunity to develop Loch Leven’s role in the local community. We have partnered, sponsored, hosted, and participated in a wide variety of events with diverse entities including: ACA, NCCC, Red Cross, Department of Corrections, CalFire, SB County Department of Health, NRCS and IERCD, Citrus High School, History of SB Mountains, Scouts, and more. We have been cultivating loving, mutually beneficial relationships remembering our goal of “witnessing, loving and serving from our doorsteps to the ends of the earth.”   

The opportunity to learn about Anti-Racism and Pro-Reconciliation, especially in our culture today.  I continue to try to grow from the realization that my previous philosophies and actions are no longer helpful. I have been loud and proud and certain I was right. I am ready to be quiet and to listen.

Brothers and Sisters, I am going to miss you! Still, for my own health and well-being, I need to spend more time in the world, more time with my family, more time listening, more time learning, more time playing.  Joseph and I are relocating to the Eugene, Oregon area to be closer to family. We are buying property near their farm and look forward to tending to the garden, orchard, dogs, horses, and each other into our own retirement years.

I am excited for new leadership who will continue to build on the legacy at Loch Leven. I believe I was the right person to get us to this point.  I believe we are ready for someone with different strengths and gifts to help Loch Leven soar.  

Loch Leven, like all of you, will always hold a special place in my heart.


In peace,

Operations Manager at Loch Leven

AuthorAlisa Mittelstaedt