We're delighted to be hosting spiritual activists and writers Brian McLaren and Gareth Higgins for a unique event at the Hatchery. It's called The Seventh Story Experience: 27 Hours in a New World, and takes place ‪on Friday, October 13th in the evening, and all day and ‪evening on Saturday 14th. 


It's the first time we'll be doing this event together: an interactive immersion in the idea of how to change the story we're telling about the world and our lives, turning anxiety into hope, scarcity into abundance, and struggle into ease. It will be genuinely new, which means, of course, that it will dive deep into the past...

We want to fill the space so we're asking our friends in the area if they would be willing to come on board to support the event by spreading the word, and recruiting people to attend. I would love a group from your community to be there, and I'd like to ask if you'd be willing to enthusiastically promote it to the community.

More information and registration are available here: http://m.bpt.me/event/2991062

Please consider joining us, and please spread the word. At a time of political strife, cultural anxiety, and when so many of us are feeling disheartened, we believe this will be a significant and helpful event, that has the potential to change our minds and our lives for the better.

Hope to see you there,
Spencer Burke
Executive Director


AuthorAlisa Mittelstaedt