by Spencer Burke, Executive Director, Hatchery LA

I recently met up with Brian McLaren, long-time friend of the Pacific Southwest Region, to learn about his new book, The Great Spiritual Migration. While some people are lamenting the decline in church attendance and membership, Brian has a different view. He believes people are not “leaving the church” but rather are migrating from one expression of the Good News to another. He highlights how movements of God are connecting with institutions and it’s this combination that is a very hopeful aspect of the migration. Another hopeful and beautiful element of the great spiritual migration is they way it is opening up opportunities for millennials to join and to lead for the next generation. 

Listen in on our conversation to hear more about how Brian thinks the Disciples of Christ – and especially our region with the Hatchery LA initiatives – is uniquely positioned to help our world migrate to a place of spiritual belonging.

AuthorAlisa Mittelstaedt