Response teams are those who work in partnership with our Region’s Committee on Ministry and assist in a variety of ways when there is a concern for a Pastors fitness for ministry or an allegation of misconduct is brought to our Regional Ministers or Committee on Ministry’s attention.

The Role of Response Teams

Most Regions have established and trained response teams to collect information about a situation and then report that information to the Regional Minister(s) and/or the Committee on the Ministry for its deliberation. Some Regions also train pastoral care teams from which pastoral support persons can be drawn. These trained teams of persons supplement the work of the Region’s Committee on the Ministry by fulfilling specified roles without becoming involved in the deliberation and decision-making process of the Fitness Review.

The Committee on Ministry is again needing to recruit new Response Team Members and will be offering a Training for those wishing to help with Pastoral support or serve as Investigators who gather information. The Training will be held early in January 2018 (date TBA).

Please contact the Regional Church Office, 626-296-0385, if you are interested in being a part of a Response Team.

AuthorAlisa Mittelstaedt