This fall, major disasters have been in the news continuously. We know that there is strong interest in supporting the Hurricane Harvey response. If you are able to take a mission team to help with the muck and gut work before the end of November, please email Josh Baird (jbaird@dhm.disciples.org) – include the name of your church, how many people you expect to have, and the dates you are available. Details for a long-term response are coming together and a calendar for scheduling teams will be available soon.

In the meantime, a number of other places are ready today to receive your team and put them to work. Over the past two years, a significant number of disasters did not make lasting headlines. Help is desperately needed – please consider sending a team to one of these communities.

Also remember to support our disaster recovery ministries through Week of Compassion.  At this time Puerto Rico needs all the support that we can send them through WoC.  As you have seen in the news their situation is desperate. 

Other information is available at https://www.discipleshomemissions.org/missions-advocacy/disciples-volunteering/

We have not received any requests for support from Northern California yet but we expect calls for support once the fires are completely contained.  If you have any questions contact:

Rev. Dr. Norman L. Williams
PSWR Disaster Recovery Ministry

AuthorAlisa Mittelstaedt