By Spencer Burke, Executive Director of Hatchery


As the first year at the Hatchery winds down it is hard to believe how much has happened. Just nine months ago I was arriving in LA, not knowing anyone, and not knowing what to expect. I've since met many wonderful people and developed deep relationships. Plus, my common cause community is actually starting to take shape - something that seemed an impossible task last September.  

On Sunday, June 12th was the second ArtWalk in downtown Culver City. They toured the city visiting historic buildings, busy shops and restaurants, tree-lined sidewalks, and interesting architecture. There were some new people, as well as familiar faces, this time around. Everyone had a blast! Everyone even got a little wet playing in a pretty cool water feature outside of the historic Culver Hotel. 

The ArtWalk came from a desire to provide a space for persons with disabilities to capture their perspective of the world and make visible, through sharing their art, those whom society has rendered invisible. Not only did this provide a creative outlet but it was also an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends!

Once all of the pictures are printed and framed, there will be a pop-up gallery sometime in mid-July to showcase the photographs. This will be a chance for the artists to share their photography not only with their friends and families but with the wider community as well. 

The ArtWalks and pop-up galleries are the first iteration of my common cause community. It will naturally grow and change depending on the needs of the community, which is a good thing. In many ways, this next year is just as mysterious as the first - and I am excited to see what's in store!

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AuthorAlisa Mittelstaedt