PSWR’s Church in Society Committee is currently accepting applications for the Camile Christian Church Grant and the deadline for applying is September 4, 2014.

Both the requirements for the grant and application can be found on the PSWR website.

This grant is available due to the generosity and foresight of Camile Christian Church which provided a permanent fund through the sale of property for “special projects and outreach”. This grant is available to projects and programs that deal with the “root causes of injustice, poverty and promote Christian growth”. This can be an ongoing program or something new that needs some seed money to come to fruition.

Do you have a mission project or passion for a program that you would like to discuss with someone for brainstorming, resources or help in completing the Camile Grant application? CIS’s Mission Project Consultant, Cheri Metier is available to help! For more information about the Camile Grant, project assistance or what CIS is doing contact Cheri at .

AuthorAlisa Mittelstaedt