This article will provide all pastors and lay leaders with an update on Soul-Full and an invitation to participate in one or more of the Region’s dynamic stewardship education events scheduled for 2014.

Please find below a full list of stewardship events, ranging in topic from Creating a Culture of Generosity and Stewardship Planning 52 Weeks a Year, to Ministry, Mission & Money. Specialized topics focusing on Legacy Giving and Grant Writing will also be offered. In addition, the Region is excited to offer for all those interested in going green, our first ever, Creation Care Conference

We are thrilled to announce that leadership for these events will include: Bruce Barkhauer, the Director for the Disciples Center for Faith and Giving; Marilyn  Fiddmont, of the Christian Church Foundation; and, Nora Jacob, our very own, recent DSF, M-DIV graduate and grant-writing guru!

Clergy, you will be excited to know that CEU’s will be offered for each event.  

So, for all of you who have been asking for new and creative ways to bolster your stewardship understandings and programs, here are the perfect opportunities.  Pastors, this is also your chance to invite existing and potential lay leadership into a deeper understanding of what it means to be good Disciples stewards. 

Don’t wait, registration is only a call or click away, and seating is limited for some events.  You can register online at or by calling the Regional office at 626-296-0385. 

Now for the Soul-Full update, please read the following three paragraphs introducing how two congregations and one ministry group have begun getting involved.  

Story #1 comes from Pam Moore, Regional Board Moderator and pastor of the San Bernardino FCC. Pam connected her congregation to Soul-Full by sending me the following email:

Hi Dan, I visited our local UCC church on the day of their BIG yard sale.  I had them set aside all leftover shoes for me.  I now am the proud recipient of 8 boxes of shoes--not to mention the three bags that came out of Asa's room when he moved.  How do we get bags and materials for labeling these?  Pam

Story #2 is from Saundra Bryant of All Peoples Christian Center, who emailed me, “All Peoples would like to participate in the shoe campaign.  One of our board members would like to set up a receptacle at his office.  We can start with 20 bags.”

Story #3 comes from John Wolfersberger, former PSWR Regional Minister, who is now a member of the Redlands United Methodist Church. John called me last week to find out how to get his congregation involved with Soul-Full. This call led to Redlands UMC becoming our 1st ecumenical Soul-Full partner.  Their church will be sharing in Soul-Full as a way to fundraise for environmental upgrades on their congregation’s facility.

In closing, I want to share my favorite Soul-Full promotioal phrase to-date.  It comes from a member of the Redlands UMC who is challenging their people to participate by sharing the phrase, "Let someone else walk a mile in your shoes!"  

P.S. Ask your pastor about how your congregation is planning to participate in

Soul-Full Sunday, on, June 22, 2014!

   With Deep Gratitude for Gently Worn Shoes,

DanO (Oliver) - Your PSWR Minister of Stewardship and Giving

(Celebrating a Culture of Gratitude and Generosity in our Region and beyond!)




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