Increasingly, our communities are beset by disasters - Social Injustice, Earthquakes, Wildfires, Terrorist Shooting - large or small, of natural or human origin, these events exacerbate the fissures and brokenness that we as church are called to mend.

While all people are in danger when disaster strikes, vulnerable populations and people living on the margins are particularly at risk during a disaster and in the recovery. The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) has a long history of supporting response and recovery efforts.

Recently, Disciples have come to excel at resourcing communities for long-term recovery following large-scale events. Early response, however, is different: the best early response to both large and small disasters is organized, connected, prepared, and local. In order to respond with our communities when tragedy strikes, in partnership with Week of Compassion and Disciples Volunteering, the Pacific Southwest Region has launched a Disaster Ministry Network.

Working together we will build relationships that enable faithful action that offers hope, healing, and a helping hand. 

Share this opportunity with your Church family and friends. For more information contact Rev. Dr. Norman Williams, or see


IS YOUR CONGREGATION PREPARED FOR AN EARTHQUAKE? Make a plan, schedule a drill, read more here.

Organizations and their staff face a variety of hazards. The Ready Business program can help your church and members plan for these hazards. Learn more

INSURANCE BOARD (partnering with Disciples Churches) Safety Resources

FEMA Active Shooter Resource Page and Faith Resources

DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY (DHS) Active Shooter Preparedness Page

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This year, major disasters have been in the news continuously. To find out how you can volunteer to support clean-up and rebuilding efforts, visit

Also remember to support our disaster recovery ministries through Week of Compassion (WoC).  At this time, WoC is responding to the needs of area in the United States and around the world. They include hurricane recovery in Texas, fire recovery in California, and flood/hurricane relief throughout the Caribbean islands.

If you have any questions contact:

Rev. Dr. Norman L. Williams
PSWR Disaster Recovery Ministry