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Thank you for supporting the ministries of the Pacific Southwest Region with a gift to the

2017 Christmas Offering

100% of your gift supports the Pacific Southwest Region

Your Christmas Offering supports our Pacific Southwest Regional Ministries, which are dedicated to building leaders, programs and services to support a regional community of faith. Your generous gifts support new programs, facility improvements, and contribute to healthy, vital, growing churches, as well as grants to encourage diversity and wholeness.

With your support, our Regional staff and its volunteer board and committees work to: 

Encourage over 110 diverse congregations and their pastors, in 3 states and 15 counties. 

Provide quality and diverse children and youth ministries, such as Youth Immersion Ministries, Youth Leadership Team, Summer Camp at Loch Leven, Winter Leadership Camps, and Youth trips throughout the United States and around the globe.  

Pray for and provide pastoral care to our clergy and their families.

Guide those called by God who seek ministry as a vocation as ordained clergy and
commissioned pastors. 

Serve Disciples who represent the diverse and vibrant life of our region, including working with our recognized groups – African American Convocation, North American Pacific Asian Disciples (NAPAD), and Hispanic Convención – and all congregations across the Pacific Southwest.

Promote social justice through initiatives and ministries such as the Green Chalice Movement, Urban Mission programs, the Open Table movement, and many others, making critical impacts to the environment, our society and those facing exceptional barriers.

Inspire fellowship through regional worship and educational events such as Regional
Assemblies and Gatherings, women’s fellowship, older adult ministries and much more.

Support mission efforts in our local congregations, regional efforts (All Peoples Community Center, Eastmont, Project IMPACT) and around the world (like Paul Turner in the Congo).