Thank you for supporting the ministries of the Pacific Southwest Region with a gift to the

2018 Christmas Offering

100% of your gift supports the Pacific Southwest Region

Dear PSWR Disciples,

On December 16th and 23rd you will receive information at your church about the Christmas Offering benefitting the Disciples Mission Fund.  Your Christmas Offering supports our Pacific Southwest Regional Ministries, which are dedicated to building leaders, programs and services to support a regional community of faith.

With your support, our regional staff and its volunteer board and committees work through the year to make meaningful, tangible impacts by:

Empowering over 110 diverse congregations and their clergy, in 3 states and 15 counties.

Serving Disciples who represent the diverse and vibrant life of our region, including working with our Recognized Groups – African American Convocation, North American Pacific Asian Disciples (NAPAD), and Hispanic Convencion - and all congregations across the Pacific Southwest.

Planting four new churches this year, through work with New Church Development.

Transforming our churches and our leaders through the creation of the Acts 2 Project, which is working with 2 congregations and 5 pastors as they guide the Church into life-giving expressions of new ministry for this era of God's mission.   

Promote social justice through initiatives and ministries such as the Green Chalice Movement, Urban Mission programs, the Open Table movement and many others making critical impacts to the environment, our society and those facing exceptional barriers success.

Encouraging those called by God who seek ministry as a vocation as ordained clergy through resources, leadership development and pastoral care.

Developing a new generation of leaders through quality and diverse children & youth ministries such as Youth Immersion Ministries, Youth Leadership Team, Summer Camp at Loch Leven, Winter Leadership Camps, and Youth trips throughout the United States and around the globe.  

Inspiring fellowship through regional worship and educational events such as Regional Assemblies and Gatherings, women’s fellowship, older adult ministries and much more.

Please consider the impact your gift can make to the Disciples Mission Fund this Christmas!.


Don Dewey
Regional Minister
Pacific Southwest Region

Sarah Bartczak
Resource Development
Pacific Southwest Region