New Camp Ministry Committee: 


You can trust that the new Camp Ministry Committee is working hard to provide leadership and structure for regional camp ministries that is welcoming, safe, fun, and spiritually edifying for Christians throughout the PSWR. For those who have been involved over the years, you already know that this is an important part of what makes camp so special. For those Pastors, Churches, and young people who haven't been to camp, we want you to know that we are dedicated to strengthen Christian faith in young lives and are working hard to do this in ways that honor the amazing diversity of our Church.

God is doing incredible things for camp ministry in our region, and we are excited by the work being done. In October 2018, the Camp Ministry Committee agreed on a set of new CORE VALUES for its ministry and service. We considered the importance of focusing on the ministry and life of Jesus Christ. We remembered the important tenet we all share as Disciples of Christ to include the entirety of God's family in the work that we do. We remembered that in order to have deeper relationships and trust, we must be willing to communicate and invest in the ministries of the local church by fulfilling the promise to provide safe, fun, and meaningful programming. We all want campers to feel God's love wherever they go! These new CORE VALUES demonstrate our commitment to serve the Regional Church to the best of our ability, and we look forward to the opportunity to live into them well. As an official regional committee, commission by the regional board to serve meaningful and appropriate programming for all regional camp ministries, the Camp Ministry Committee has prayerfully considered and agreed upon the following CORE VALUES: 

1) We make decisions based on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

2) We highly value the engagement of all regional communities

3) We focus on building relationships and having open communication with all Churches and Units of the PSWR

4) We prioritize the physical, emotional, and spiritual safety of all participants

5) We ensure Volunteer Preparedness by providing top-notch training and a deeper meaning to the service provided

If you feel that God might be calling you to join the work we are doing as a member of the Camp Ministry Committee, please contact Co-Chairs, Ian Pollard and Janette Jara - Together we can build bridges that connect young people with God and one another through Christ.



June 23 - 28   CYF 2   Entering grades 11 & 12, and graduated seniors

June 23 - 26   *Mini Camp   Entering grades 2 & 3

June 30 - July 5   Chi Rho   Entering grades 6 - 8

July 7 - July 12   CYF1   Entering grades 9 & 10

July 14 - July 19   Junior Camp   Entering grades 4 & 5

July 17 - 19   *Wee Camp   Ages 4-6 (Child attends with parent)

August 4 - 9 All Ages Camp Entering grades 4 - 12

*Note that Mini Camp and Wee Camp will take place the same week as another camp.

Registration coming soon!