Moral Injury, Veterans of War, and Community Responsibility for Soul Repair

Instructor: Rev. Dr. Rita Nakashima Brock
Dates and Times:  There are two registration options:
a) 1 week course: July 14-18
b) 2 week course, including conference: July 14-23, 1:30-5:30 + conference July 24-26
Conference Only: See the Events page on this website for information about the Moral Injury CONFERENCE planned in conjunction with this course.  Registration for the conference only is available on the Events page.  1.5 CEUs may be awarded for conference participation.
Credits:   There are three options:
a)  1 week course:1.5 academic credits / 2.0 CEUs (20 contact hours)
b)  2 week course:  3.0 academic credits / 5.0 CEUs (50 contact hours)
Course Number: PSED-4010 (for credit) or PSED-0001 (for 2.0 CEUs)or PSED-0002 (for 4.0 CEUs)

Description: Recent works by Veterans Affairs clinicians have suggested that moral injury, which remains largely unaddressed, may be a greater factor than PTSD in alarmingly high veteran suicide rates (at least 3 times the general population). In examining the distinctions and relationship between the two and their relation to conditions of extremity in a number of professions, we will study aspects of moral formation in general and in military training, theological understandings of soul and conscience, affective neuroscience on empathy and ritual, the power of ritual in soul repair, and civilian moral responsibility for the aftermath of war. The goal of the first week of the seminar will be to study these ideas as they assist in helping communities in the work of soul repair after war, violence, and other conditions of extremity that challenge moral conscience. During the second week, participants will continue researching areas of interest with a focus on effective pedagogies for educating religious leaders and their communities, designing rituals for soul repair, and creating a two day conference to implement this work, not only in content, but also in conference design. The last two days of the course will be the conference itself.

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AuthorAlisa Mittelstaedt