The Pacific Southwest Region is hosting a new and fresh way for EVERYONE to:

-Get Involved
Do Service
Provide Outreach
Raise Money
Practice Stewardship

We're sponsoring a shoe drive as a fundraiser for PSWR Congregations!

Here’s how it works:

From today through the Regional Assembly, Oct 17-18, 2014, your Region invites you to join us in collecting shoes. Any kind of shoes, sandals, tennis to boots…Rainbows to Adidas to Gucci, we’ll take them all. 

The idea is to collect as many pairs of shoes as you can and bring them to the Regional Assembly. At the Assembly, a company we are partnering with, Funds2orgs, will pick up all of our shoes and within a week, send us a check.

This is where the fun really starts. As soon as the Region receive this check, we will start sending money back to you.  The amount you receive will depend on how many pairs of shoes you collected ($10 for 25 pairs, $100 for 250 pairs, $1000 for 2500 pairs, $5000….!)  And, the best part is, all the money you raise is for you to do with as you please! It’s really that simple! Are you ready…?

So why should you go around collecting shoes?  What better way to engage in a faithful service open to all, which benefits the environment and people across the globe who need shoes. This is the ideal way to active practice being Disciples, “a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world”


Host? Your Region

Coordinators? Dan Oliver, Kathleen Bybee and a Regional Support Team

Sponsoring Organization?

Participants? All congregations and ministry groups

Dates? Today through October 17-18, 2014 (Regional Assembly)

The Purpose? To collect SHOES – any kind and as many pairs as you can collect.

Cost? There is no cost to participants.  We provide you with bags, ties, promotional materials, and if needed, even storage pick up and drop off.

Benefits? Easy way to raise money without asking for a dime! You can raise as much as you like and apply it to whatever you like: Operating budget, youth, outreach, Loch Leven, the Region…

Spiritual Benefits?  This is a faithful service open to all, which benefits the environment and people across the globe who need shoes. It is an active way to be Disciples, “a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world.”

-How Much Can We Make?  The money you raise depends on the number of shoes you collect. Payments are based on the number bags collected. Each bag must contain 25 pairs of shoes.  Here is a quick breakdown:

300 bags = 7500 pairs of shoes = $3000
100 bags = 2500 pairs of shoes = $1000
50 bags = 1250 pairs of shoes = $500
25 bags = 625 pairs of shoes = $250
10 bags = 250 pairs of shoes = $100
5 bags = 125 pairs of shoes = $50
1 bag = 25 pairs of shoes = $10

Where Do We Get The Shoes?  Everywhere you can imagine, from your closet or garage, from your neighbors, community groups, or even a local thrift or shoe store.

How Do We Get Others' Support? The best way is to simply ask.  Many people go door to door. We will help you by sending you fliers, door hangers, or even drop boxes you can ask about placing at church or a local store.

What Happens To The Shoes? All shoes will be sold to micro-enterprise companies in developing countries to be resold for minimum prices in public markets to those in need of shoes.

Why Is This Important? – Two main reasons – 1) All shoes contain toxic contaminants.  When they end up in landfills they pollute the environment, and:  2) Affordable shoes are one of the greatest needs for people in poverty around the globe.

Where Do We Put The Shoes? – Great question. All shoes are to be placed in bags, which the Region will provide. Each bag should hold about 25 pairs of shoes. 

Where Do We Put The Bags? Even better question! Here are two options: 1) Find a location at your congregation or ministry facility to store bags until Regional Assembly.  2) We have designated holding locations throughout the Region that bags can be stored.  We also have awesome volunteers in each area of our Region who can help pick up and drop off bags.

What Do We Do With The Money We Make? Let your imagination help with this question.  You help your church budget, give to youth or outreach, support Loch Leven or the Region.  Pray and see what you are led to support!

What Other Ways Can I Help? Great question. Here are a few:

-Tell everyone you know what you are doing and ask them to get involved, or at least ask for their spare shoes!
-Post your involvement on Social Media, FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
-Take photos/video of the shoes you collect. (The Region will hold a contest & chose the most creative submission!)
-Write a short article on your SOUL-FULL experience and submit it for the Regional blog!
-Download a flier in English, Korean or Spanish and advertise SOUL-FULL in your church and community!

Can I Find Out About The Soul-full Shoe Drive On-Line? – YES! Check back here on the PSWR Blog for updates or on the PSWR Facebook page.

Who Do I Contact With Questions? Email Dan Oliver





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