All youth and young adult participants currently involved in PSWR Regional Leadership Teams are invited to the upcoming leadership retreat at Loch Leven. Our focus will be on worship, fellowship, and planning for upcoming Regional Assembly (YLT/YIM end of the year project presentations). The retreat begins at 7 pm on Friday, August 31, 2018 and ends at 12 pm on Monday, September 3, 2018. REGISTER HERE


Announcing a new regional consultation resource and website: Better Together


PSWR Youth and Young Adults Ministries is excited to announce the launch a new consultation service that empowers local churches to rediscover a call and purpose for ministry. BetterTogether combines professional leadership assessment with customized transformational strategies that unlock energy, passion, and skill in any ministry team. PSWR Associate Regional Minister and Certified Executive Leadership Consultant, Rev. B. J. Barlow, provides customized seminars that strengthen volunteer leadership, organizational growth, and spiritual vibrancy perfect for church retreats or weekend conferences. Participants will be provided individual assessment tools, personalized coaching, and a thorough ministry assessment that identifies adaptive solutions.

“B. J. brought such fresh energy and views to our workshop! He showed us how a simple shift in perspective can make a huge difference, bringing out our positive side… Excellent choice!” – Jeannie Dunsworth, North Long Beach Christian Church

To find out more or to schedule a consultation, visit:

The Key to Unlocking Youth Ministry That Matters

by Rev. BJ Barlow, Associate Regional Minister, Youth and Young Adult Ministries

Of course, we want young people involved. Seeing them at the lectern, sharing their stories about camp, singing a song, reading the scripture lesson – it assures us that there is a future for the Church. We want young people to know they have a special place in our communities. After all, there is nothing more heartwarming on Sunday than seeing a chancel full of children during Children’s Moment. We know all that means so much to us will continue because young people are engaged and continuing meaningful work in the church. They truly are the key to the Church’s future. Read more


israel-palestine TRIP: MAY 28-JUNE 9, 2018

Ten young adults from the PSWR recently returned from Israel and Palestine, where they experienced and learned about the civil/religious discord in the territories. 

The group included Jess Kim, Abi Hernandez, Lauren Byun, Ha-nul Yang, Yvette Hernandez, Brandan Robertson, Eula Pagdilao, Emmanuel Freeman, Saianna Smith, Heather Backstrom, and Young Lan Kim. 

Read about their journey on our Regional blog:
Holy Land Day 1
Holy Land Day 2
Holy Land Day 3
Holy Land Day 4

Holy Land Day 6
Holy Land Day 7
Holy Land Day 8




The PSWR Youth and Young Adult Ministries are excited to host a denomination-wide project for young adults (18-33 yrs old) that offers a 10-day immersion learning experience for those interested in immigration advocacy and community organization. We will learn the stories and struggles of immigrants in the United States and all over the world.

This group will be traveling throughout Southern California to speak with life-long advocates and social workers and discover ways of making an impact in communities all over the world for the sake of sojourner, refugee, and immigrant. They will work with other young leaders to brainstorm ways to properly respond and empower immigrants in your own communities. This immersion experience includes visits to Los Angeles, San Diego, Tijuana (Mexico), conversations with immigrant families in Disciples of Christ congregations, resourcing with staff from Matthew25 immigration program, opportunities to debrief experiences with Rev. Lori Tapia, Tana Liu-Beers, Xose Escamilla, and much, much more.