NEW Young Adult Online Bible Study

Friday morning | 10:00 a.m.

No homework. No preparation. No stress. Log online for scripture reading, discussion, and prayer. It is a great way to stay connected to what’s important with people who are just trying to live life in love. Everyone 18 to 35 years old are welcome. As we grow, additional times and groups may develop. We are beginning with the story of Job. If you are interested, contact B. J. Barlow ( or Jess Kim ( for log-in information.

Summer is Almost Upon Us!

The Camp Ministry Committee is so excited for summer camp and we are currently looking for volunteers!

Whether you are returning as a volunteer or you’ve never been to camp, The Camp Ministry Committee wants to prepare you to serve well by providing top notch volunteer training. Our Camp Leadership Training will take place on Saturday, June 8th at Loch Leven Camp and Conference Center with guest camp expert, Jim Cain. We will cover the camp basics as well as empower you with the tools and resources to be prepared for camp in a leadership role. All 2019 summer camp volunteers are required to attend this training day.

If you are interested in any of the Volunteer positions (Director, Chaplain, Keynote, Counselor, Musician, Health Care Manager, Loch Leven Programming, etc), for this year or even next winter or next summer, please take 5 minutes to fill in this application. If you know someone who has Camp or Educator experience, please send this link to them as well! Camp Leadership Application:

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The PSWR Youth and Young Adult Ministries would like to extend a huge thank you to all those who gave of time and talent to make UNITE 2019 a particularly powerful weekend. 


Thank you, Rev. Sadie Cullumber (Co-Director) and your amazing team at Harbor Christian Church. Your faith community embodies the vision of ONE CHURCH in a special way! 

Thank you, Saianna Smith (Co-Director), and all the wonderful volunteers from Abundant Life Christian Church. Your financial support was of incomparable help. Your spirit of care and dedication was the energy that drove this event! 

Thank you, Alex Kip (host/associate minister), and the warm family at Oceanside Sanctuary who opened homes, prepared space, and cleaned up after us! Your hospitality was phenomenal! 

Thank you, Rev. Eddie Anderson (McCarty Memorial) and Rev. Julian DeShazier (University Christian, Chicago), for the powerful and inspiration messages. We heard God’s voice in your words! 

Thank you Jay Deskins (Regional Director of Youth and Children) and the entire Arizona Region for your participation, support, and contribution. 

Thank you to all the workshop leaders, guest speakers, and interest track facilitators of which there were dozens. Your preparation, hard work, and tremendous gift to us will serve congregations in the PSWR and the greater Church well beyond that weekend together. 

Thank you, Global Ministries (especially Paolo and Beth Guy), for bringing depth and broader vision of the Church with you to the PSWR! 

Thank you, Milton Gidler (Director of Duke Youth Academy) and Duke Divinity for your partnership. 

As you can tell, UNITE is not your ordinary youth and young adult conference. It takes a dedicated and gifted team of folks to present ministry of this caliber. We are grateful for all those who made it so!


1. Working with youth requires training.

2. Affection is not always wanted.

3. Maintain a Learner’s Mindset

4. Covenant Together

As we look toward 2019, the PSWR Youth and Young Adult Ministries want to make sure every parent, every pastor, and every one who engages in regional ministries can do so without fear of unsafe or dangerous conditions. We are committed to provide sanctuary for those who seek God’s love and covenant with one another. Continue Reading

Better Together is a consultation service that empowers local churches to rediscover a call and purpose for ministry. It combines professional leadership assessment with customized transformational strategies that unlock energy, passion, and skill in any ministry team. PSWR Associate Regional Minister and Certified Executive Leadership Consultant, Rev. B. J. Barlow, provides customized seminars that strengthen volunteer leadership, organizational growth, and spiritual vibrancy perfect for church retreats or weekend conferences. Participants will be provided individual assessment tools, personalized coaching, and a thorough ministry assessment that identifies adaptive solutions.