This year’s Don Shelton Mini Golf Tournament was a success! We raise several hundred dollars for youth and young adult ministries and had one of our largest turnouts yet. Around 130 people came out to support our ministries, and it simply could not have been done without the generosity of our sponsors and event partner. We are tremendously appreciative for all those who continue to support our young people, especially the following:

Hole Sponsors ($150)
Loch Leven
(Hole #13), FCC Orange (Hole #9), Abundant Life CC (Hole #1), Bruce Indermill (Hole #5), Men’s Ministry (Mill Creek CC) (Hole #3), East Whittier Christian Church (Hole #15)

Food Sponsors ($250)
Don and Susan Dewey, FCC Orange, Camp Ministry Committee

Event Partner ($500)
Brad and Lindsey Carter Memorial Fund

“A Conversation About Mental Health”
Youth and Young Adults

For the past two years, the PSWR Youth and Young Adults have held a conversation at our Regional Gathering/Assembly about issues of concern in ministry. This year we will tackle one of the most important issues facing young people today: Mental Health. Join us as we hear from experts and explore practical ways our ministries can improve mental health – October 19 at the Disciples Ministry Center in Fullerton.
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NEW Young Adult Online Bible Study

Friday morning | 10:00 a.m.

No homework. No preparation. No stress. Log online for scripture reading, discussion, and prayer. It is a great way to stay connected to what’s important with people who are just trying to live life in love. Everyone 18 to 35 years old are welcome. As we grow, additional times and groups may develop. We are beginning with the story of Job. If you are interested, contact B. J. Barlow ( or Jess Kim ( for log-in information.

What is so important about the Young Adult Ministries in the Pacific Southwest Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)?


1. Working with youth requires training.

2. Affection is not always wanted.

3. Maintain a Learner’s Mindset

4. Covenant Together

As we look toward 2019, the PSWR Youth and Young Adult Ministries want to make sure every parent, every pastor, and every one who engages in regional ministries can do so without fear of unsafe or dangerous conditions. We are committed to provide sanctuary for those who seek God’s love and covenant with one another. Continue Reading


Planning a Fall Leadership Retreat?

This highly effective congregational leadership program equips the skills and abilities vital for volunteer leadership in today's rapidly changing landscape. The program emphasizes the development of adaptive and transformational skills and draws on contemporary leadership theory, and practice with thirty-five years of research development. Through interactive team-building, personal reflection assessment, and creative ministry strategies your volunteers and staff will spend quality time developing passion for impact in your community.

Topics Include: 
- Unlocking Passionate Faith Practices for Any Size Congregation
- Strengthening Organizational Health
- Adaptive Leadership/Conflict Resolution
- Engaging Leaders When There Aren’t Many Around
- Developing Effective Team Ministries

“B. J. brought such fresh energy and views to our workshop! He showed us how a simple shift in perspective can make a huge difference, bringing out our positive side… Excellent choice!” – Jeannie Dunsworth, North Long Beach Christian Church

For more information or to book a date, contact Rev. Benjamin Barlow at