The following list offers available positions with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) or its affiliates. For a wider scope of available ministry positions, as well as useful resources for Christian vocations, please visit the Disciples Home Missions website.



Disciples Seminary Foundation
Claremont, California

The Assistant to the President position provides the President with support for daily tasks and organization. The Assistant to the President works directly under direct supervision of the President and Managing Director in collaboration with Mentoring Directors, Director of Marketing and Development, Bookkeeper, and Receptionists. As with other administrative positions, the Assistant to the President’s day is spent in administrative tasks needed in order to make DSF’s operations efficient. The Assistant to the President differs from other administrative staff in that (s)he will take assignments directly from the President, though expected to work collaboratively with other staff. The Assistant to the President will represent DSF in correspondence, over the telephone, and at events. As directed (s)he will speak for the President. All duties are performed consistent with the mission and values of Disciples Seminary Foundation.

Download full position description here. Please contact Jessica Kim or Leah Laird for more information or to apply.

Posted 10/3/17