Regional Assembly attendees are invited to select one workshop in the morning and one in the afternoon. sessions will offered at 10:45 am and 2:00 pm.


The list below will give you a taste of workshop categories that will be offered. We are currently refining titles and scheduling, and will update this page as the Regional Assembly approaches.

Organizing for the Common Good 101 – Julie Roberts-Fronk

Faith Formation Trends – Lee Yates

Climate Change and Christian Witness – Jeff Utter

Immigration and the Bible – Jon Berquist

Foster Parenting – Questions and Answers – Louise Sloan-Goben

Have We Been Here Before?: 5 Clues Your Church is Reliving A Trauma, and What You Can Do About It. – Mandy Yates

Five Common Mistakes Churches Make With Money – Keith Clark-Hoyos

Creating Memories Through Stamps: Post Pictorial Cancellation Seminar – Shirley White

How Disciples Church Extension Fund and Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation Support Your Church’s Ministry – Rosario Ibarra

The Planetary Gospel – Timothy Murphy

Evaluate! Discover! Create! Collaborate! Respond! – Lynn Hendricks

The PSWR’s Best Kept Secret: Disciples Senior Assistance Funds are Available for Qualified DOC Members 65 and Older. – Judy Thorndyke

Evaluating and Creating Curriculum – Lee Yates

Intergenerational Workshop – BJ Barlow

Tips and Best Practices to Raise Funds for Church Work – Sarah Bartczak

Contemplative Heart Check up: Taking your PULSE – Shelly Suggs

Contemplative Heart Check UP: Taking the PULSE of Another – Shelly Sugg

Team Building 101: Sloan Hamilton