Regional Assembly attendees are invited to select one workshop in the morning and one in the afternoon. sessions will offered at 10:45 am and 2:00 pm.


The list below will give you a taste of workshop categories that will be offered. We are currently refining titles and scheduling, and will update this page as the Regional Assembly approaches.

Leading Transformation in Mission – Julie Roberts-Fronk

Faith Formation Trends – Lee Yates

Climate Change and Christian Witness – Jeff Utter

Immigration and the Bible – Jon Berquist

Foster Parenting – Questions and Answers – Louise Sloan-Goben

Have We Been Here Before?: 5 Clues Your Church is Reliving A Trauma, and What You Can Do About It. – Mandy Yates

Creating Memories Through Stamps: A Postal Pictorial Cancellation Seminar – Gregory Slaughter

The Planetary Gospel – Timothy Murphy

Evaluate! Discover! Create! Collaborate! Respond! – Lynn Hendricks

The PSWR’s Best Kept Secret: Disciples Senior Assistance Funds are Available for Qualified DOC Members 65 and Older. – Judy Thorndyke

Evaluating and Creating Curriculum – Lee Yates

Intergenerational Workshop – BJ Barlow

Tips and Best Practices to Raise Funds for Church Work – Sarah Bartczak

Contemplative Heart Check up: Taking your PULSE – Shelly Suggs

Contemplative Heart Check UP: Taking the PULSE of Another – Shelly Sugg

Team Building 2.0: Sloan Hamilton



Five Common Mistakes Churches Make With Money – Keith Clark-Hoyos

How Disciples Church Extension Fund and Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation Support Your Church’s Ministry – Rosario Ibarra