"Faithful in the Tension" from James 1: 2-4 will be the focus of the Pacific Southwest Regional Gathering 2017. Inspired by this scripture from James, our Regional Gathering will focus on connecting us to God and to each other in the midst of stressful and pressure-filled moments that occur from day to day.

Regional Gathering 2017 will take place Saturday, October 21, 2017 at First Christian Church, Pomona, located at 1751 N. Park Ave, Pomona, California 91768. For a sneak peek of this beautiful 134-year-old church, please visit their website fccpomona.org.

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Hello PSWR Disciples family and friends!

The PSWR Regional Gathering 2017 will be held on Saturday, October 21 at the First Christian Church of Pomona.

The theme for this gathering is “Faithful in the Tension.” If the committees and teams at your church are struggling to give vocabulary to, and find solutions for, the disconnect between an increasingly distrustful society and what Jesus would do, this is a Regional Gathering that you don’t want to miss.

The Reverend Dr. Jonathon Hall is coordinating worship. He and the worship team are working to receive our separatist cries and move us toward God’s wholeness.  There will be contemporary music at this event, as well as plenty of chances to sing the great hymns of tradition.

Workshops will be offered that reflect the sense of disconnect that many Christians and even many churches are feeling in this anxious and apprehensive society. The workshops will be locating where we are, and how we can, with prayer, plan to be more effective, during this time of such confusion.

The speaker for the 2017 Gathering will be the Reverend April Lewton. April is the Vice President of Development and Marketing for the National Benevolent Association of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Her work focuses on fostering and strengthening relationships among Disciples–local congregations, lay leaders, pastors, volunteers–as well as connecting through partnerships Disciples-related health and social service ministries. Before earning her Masters of Divinity Degree at the University of Chicago, April earned an undergraduate degree in Political Science and Religious Studies at Chapman University here in Southern California.

October 21 will be a day for prayer, planning, partnering, and implementing. Let’s plan to gather as a region, as we look and listen for what God calls us to be!


Bill Thomas, Doctor of Ministry
1st Vice Moderator and Regional Gathering Chair
Pastor, Little White Chapel, Burbank