Regional Assembly attendees are invited to select one workshop in the morning and one in the afternoon of each day.


The list below will give you a taste of workshop categories that will be offered. We are currently refining titles and scheduling, and will update this page as the Regional Assembly approaches.


Friday Morning Workshops

Courageous Dialogues - Reaching Across Cultures

Better Together-Asset Based Intergenerational Ministry

Happy, Healthy, and Faithful - Paul Beal

Combating Human Trafficking - Det. Kim Hernandez

Building Homes in Tijuana

Cultural Exploration/Anti-Racism

Korean Language Workshop

Spanish Language Workshop


Friday Afternoon Workshops

Our Whole Lives

Courageous Conversations - Tough Topics

WCC Conference - Belva Brown Jordan

Conversations on Mental Health

Combating Human Trafficking - Det. Kim Hernandez

What's in your Tackle Box?

Cultural Exploration/Anti Racism pt. 2

Korean Language Workshop

Spanish Language Workshop

Saturday Morning Workshops

Multigenerational Panel "What Does a Courageous Church Look Like?" - Youth/Young Adult Ministry

Deep Engagement w/Social Media - Pr. Terrell McTyer & Rev. LaShaundra McCarty

Processing Grief - Galen Goben

Accessing the Bible - Leah Laird

Cultural Exploration/Anti-Racism Pt. 3

Become Actively Engaged - Noneviolent Fusion Moral Direct Action

Intro to Spiritual Entrepreneurism - Spencer Burke

Korean Language Worskhop

Spanish Language Workshop


Saturday Afternoon Workshops

Table Talks - Debrief and Brainstorm Panel discussion - Youth/Young Adult Ministries

Accessing the Bible - Michael Kinnamon

Process Grief Pt. 2 - Galen Goben

Become Actively Engaged - Nonviolent Fusion Moral Direct Action

Cultural Exploration/Anti-Racism Pt. 4

Beloved (Compassion Practice) Gail Whetstine

Creative uses for your Church Building - Bruce Indermill and Bill Thomas

Korean Language Workshop

Spanish Language Workshop