Regional Assembly attendees are invited to select one workshop per morning or evening session to attend. sessions will offered at 11:15 am and 2:45 pm.

The list below will give you a taste of workshop categories that will be offered. We are currently refining titles and scheduling, and will update this page as the Regional Assembly approaches.

Social Media and Your Church
Who is Around the Table (2 part workshop) Your Next Step in Ministry?Growing Green: Becoming a Part of a Green Chalice Movement in the PSWR
Substance Use Disorder and Living in Recovery
Transformational Ministry: A Love/Hate Relationship
Learning to Tell our Story: Archiving your Churches Memories
Sexual/Interpersonal Trauma and Moral Injury
Muslims and Christian in Solidarity
Trauma and Violence Recovery
Building Community through Color
Gathered as One: The Church in the Bible and Today
Israel/ Palestine
NBA XPLOR program enters its Third year
Safely Discussing the Bible and Homosexuality
Beyond Bars, Justice not Jails
Creative Ways of Using your Church Building
Environmental Justice and Women’s Health
Practicing Compassion—A Path to Personal Healing and Social Transformation
Reflections on the Ministry of Elders
Local Church Board Training
Church Embezzlement and How to Prevent it
The History and Future of Disciples Seminary Foundation
Mission First (2 pt. Workshop)
Engaging Youth in the Small Church

4-part Camp Track Series of workshops:
    Cultural Sensitivity at Camp
    Camp Hospitality
    Handling Tough Camp Issues
    Camp Leadership

Spanish Language Workshops:
    Campaña de Mayordomía / Capital Campaign
    Mileniales Hispanos/ Hispanic Millennials
    La Voz de la Convención Hispana del Pacifico/ The Voice of The Pacific Hispanic Convention

Korean Language Workshops:
    Holy Land
    Palestine Drama in Worship