Hatchery LA

Based in Redondo Beach, California, Hatchery LA is a church planting center that incubates innovative, sustainable models of church (Common Cause Communities) – with a goal of launching nine new churches each year and ultimately building the Silicon Valley of Church Innovation. Led by Spencer Burke, this initiative is a ministry of the Pacific Southwest Region of the Disciples of Christ. 

Spencer Burke, Founding Executive Director

Spencer Burke,
Founding Executive Director

To do so, we offer a residential training program for Innovators who want to become social transformation entrepreneurs and invest in a local community for multiple years by launching an innovative, sustainable “Common Cause Community”…

  • A “Common” journey in the way of Jesus.
  • A “Cause” to rally around on a regular basis.
  • A “Community” of people where relationships are nurtured.

By housing our Innovators in a communal environment and training them in an artistic, entrepreneurial atmosphere, we prepare them to reach the…

  • New – never been to church before.
  • Nones – no affiliation with a religion.
  • Next – involving people 22-29.

The traditional church, as we’ve known it, is fading from the landscape of our culture, and we’re dedicated to raising up Innovators who are committed to living out the message of Jesus in a profound way. We’re looking for individuals who are passionate about our common faith, motivated to tackle a cause, and dedicated to nurturing community.


Three Ways You and Your Church Can Help

We invite you and your church to come alongside us in the following ways...

  1. Introduce Us to Possible Candidates.
    If you know post-graduate young people who are passionate about making a difference in the world but don't necessarily fit into the traditional church planting model, tell them about Hatchery LA. Encourage them to apply here.
  2. Spread the Word Within Your Network.
    Tell them about the innovative, residential learning program in Redondo Beach, California, and challenge them to be part of the future of church planting.
  3. Become a Partner Through Financial Support.
    There's no way that Hatchery LA can survive solely on the tuition of a small group of students. We partner with individuals and churches who believe in what we're doing. We invite you to consider making a one-time or a monthly donation.

Learn more at www.HatcheryLA.com.