Hatchery LA

As an initiative of the Disciples, Hatchery LA is a resource to the region, both for existing churches and communities that desire revitalization as well as new projects that are seeking innovative frameworks for ministry in the 21st century.  

Hatchery LA offers these new frameworks as part of an emerging discipline called Spiritual Entrepreneurship.  What is this new emerging field?  Hatchery LA defines Spiritual Entrepreneurship as:

Maria French Director

Maria French

Responding to the shifts within culture and the world, motivated by the goal of common good, Spiritual Entrepreneurship is an invitation to engage new questions of god and new ways of engaging god that promote community, sustainability and viability.  Spiritual Entrepreneurship innovates and iterates to anticipate and address the changing needs of spirituality in the 21st century.


Perhaps you are a…

Seminary graduate who wants to build on your education and expand your skills and become prepared to do ministry in the 21st century.

Minister in the middle of transition that changing culture brings and you are looking for tools to help you navigate the new spiritual horizon.

Cultural Creative and filled with new ideas and passion and you are looking for a cohort of dreamers and ministry innovators.

Whatever ministerial context you might find yourself in, Hatchery LA invites you to consider our 12-week course, Certificate in Spiritual Entrepreneurship.  Visit our website to see a preview of what you can expect for each week of the course.  Topics we will explore include innovative theology, lean methodology, economics, technology and sustainability and viability for the future. 

After the initial 12-week course, which we call the Discovery phase, graduates will have access to a Hatchery portal in which they will be given tools to continue their ministry and projects in a way that fosters and promotes Spiritual Entrepreneurship.  Graduates will also have opportunity to apply for the Development phase, where they will receive customizable coaching and training based on the needs of their ministry/context/project.  There is also opportunity to apply for our Deployment phase, where a select group of innovators will be chosen to participate in a cohort style incubator with a project launch, consisting of networking, support, training and funding. 

If your role in the church is more of a Spiritual Philanthropist, Hatchery LA also has a place for you! Perhaps you are passionate about new and thriving communities in which a spirit of Spiritual Entrepreneurship is being exercised and expressed and you want to help fund a project, or scholarship some of those who are just getting started in this process in our 12-week introductory course.  

We would love for you to take this journey with us!  Go to http://HatcheryLA.com  for more information or email us at info@hatcheryla.com.