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 Rev. Lori Tapia, recently elected the first female National Hispanic Pastor

Rev. Lori Tapia, recently elected the first female National Hispanic Pastor



By Tanya Lopez, Regional Disciples Women Ministry Staff

Let Your Light Shine… 

“We need to be courageous in lifting up the values of love, compassion, justice and peace so that we can be active participants in God’s redemptive mission in the world.”

That is taken directly from the Regional Assembly website and it is the perfect way to sum up our call as Disciples. We are called not just to lift up these values but to be a beacon of light in this world! We are called to truly embody these words! Jesus was radically compassionate and had a heart that longed-for justice and peace. I pray that as we gather for our time together as a Regional church that we take the time for deep personal reflection and meditation on how we are each called to be courageous, to love, to give, to serve, to work, to lead and to be the change our world so desperately needs. 

There are so many exciting workshops and I am in awe of the gifts that we have within our region! ¡Somos Uno!We are One church! This month we will gather together to worship, to pray and listen to dynamic and powerful voices from our church tell us that we need to shine! The Regional Assembly theme of Courage is based on two scriptures, Micah 6:8 and Matthew 5: 13-16 and each of these offer us a guide of what it means to be courageous. In Matthew, we read of the Salt of the Earth and of how we are Light of the World. How can we shine a light on the goodness in the world? How can we offer up glimpses of God’s ever present love and care when so many suffer? 

We are that light! We are the love, the encouraging words, the ones that march, the ones that cry out for change, the ones that hold those in power accountable, the ones that pray, the ones that show up, the ones that lead, that act and that take stand. In these ways and in so many more we are the light of the world. Now more than ever we need to let our light shine and we need to be encouraged that though times are hard, though our hearts at times grow tired and our feet ache, we are not alone. We are one church and God partners with us all to be the agents of transformation in every corner of the world. 

I will see you at Regional Assembly! Be encouraged, shine on!

See you soon!

Pastor Tanya Lopez

Disciples Women Ministry Staff
2401 N. Lake Ave, Altadena, California 91001
(562) 652-3002