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By Tanya Lopez, Regional Disciples Women Ministry Staff


Interregional Women’s Conference Updates!

January was such a busy month! It is already the second month of the new year and I can’t hardly believe how much has happened in just one month! I just got back from spending time in Atlanta with the Disciples Women’s Leadership Council. This group of women leaders from across the country and Canada get together for a weekend to oversee, coordinate, and plan the various aspects of ministry for the women of the Christian Church Disciples of Christ. This is a time where we get to share resources with one another, build partnerships and work together for the sustainability and the continued impact that Disciples Women’s Ministries makes in the life of the church.

This year was especially exciting as I was able to gather with the team that has been actively planning the Wild Women of the West Women’s Conference that is happening April 6-8th in Scottsdale Arizona! Among the updates we were able to work on are the Saturday Tracks that will be offered. Instead of traditional workshops and breakout sessions, we will having extended time together in different tracks that will deal with specific themes. There will be a greater opportunity to deepen discussions, share resources and ideas, and learn together!


The Tracks will include:

Wild Women! We are REALLY excited to announce our "tracks" to you! Instead of workshops, we are having extended opportunities for you to participate in tracks for a few hours according to your interest. Here are the titles and leaders -- we are excited.

1- Wholeness Within Brokenness (led by Chesla Nickelson and Daphne Gascot Arias)

2-Living with Passion and Purpose (led by Rayna Barker)

3- Faith in Action: Human Trafficking (Led by LaVerne Thorpe)

4- Track for Older Adults (Led by Lily Fitch

5- Track for Young Adults (Led by Tanya Lopez)

6- Track for Youth (Led by Siobhan Lopez)

7- Track for Spanish-Speaking Women (Led by Soriliz Rodriguez)

8-Track for NAPAD Seminarians (led by Soo Yun)


In addition to these updates we are working diligently to provide updated information so that you will not only get more excited, but so that you can invite and get your sister, aunt, niece, co-worker, bestie, grandma, mom, etc etc to also get excite to come!

When we say that we are planning this for you we mean it! We are working diligently to make this an event where all feel welcomed and engaged! From the speakers, the worship, to the tracks and the various opportunities to do mission together and to just CONNECT, we are working to make this an event you will not forget!

We are sisters and we are women that are leading ministries that are brining healing and transformation in the church and in the world!

Click the link below to register today!



Early Bird Registration for the WWOW Interregional Event has been extended! Don’t wait register today! The new deadline for Early Bird Registration is February 15th

Follow the link and reserve your spot today! 

See you in Arizona!!! For more information, do not hesitate to contact me directly!


With love and gratitude,

Tanya Lopez
Disciples Women Ministry Staff
2401 N. Lake Ave, Altadena, California 91001
(562) 652-3002