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By Tanya Lopez, Regional Disciples Women Ministry Staff

Summer, Sun, and Ministry Fun!

For many, the summer brings a time for vacations, for family time, for longer days out and for a break from school and other academic types of responsibilities. Even if we are not students we know that once the kids are out of school, things tend to slow down in one way but also become a different type of busy in many ways. 

Vacation bible schools, camp season, church picnics and bbqs, we may be breaking somewhat away from a busy season and stepping into another one. For many the summer gifts to us the flexibility to work and serve in different ways or to step into a period of rest and enjoy attending events and supporting ministries that become alive with the warming of the summer days. 

There are several exciting upcoming opportunities to gather as a church and to come together as sisters this summer such as our various Assemblies within our church including the Hispanic and Bilingual National Assembly 2018 being held in Arizona on July 12-14, The National Convocation, and the Napad Convocation. We are a vibrant and diverse church that gathers, equips, encourages and serves in many ways to be the love of Christ across our region and our world. 

If you are unable to attend any of the summer Assemblies, we are excited and hope to connect with you at our Regional Assembly! October 19-20thjoin us as we worship and are encouraged and equipped to be on church, a church of Courage! What does it mean to have courage? What does courage look like? We hope to see you there and we hope you’ll visit the Disciples Women booth to stay connected and hear about the exciting things that are to come!

My prayer is that your summer is filled with time for rest, time for renewal, time that is full of new opportunities and new ideas but also a time to connect. I know this summer will be a blessed one full of Ministry fun and growth, I will see you at Assembly, if not sooner!

Tanya Lopez
Disciples Women Ministry Staff
2401 N. Lake Ave, Altadena, California 91001
(562) 652-3002