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Rev. Lori Tapia, recently elected the first female National Hispanic Pastor

Rev. Lori Tapia, recently elected the first female National Hispanic Pastor


Celebrating General Assembly and the Opportunities to Pause, and Breathe 

The General Assembly of the Christian Church Disciples of Christ has come and gone! It is hard to believe that that week full of fellowship, worship, connections, laughter, and so much more has come and gone. We gathered in Des Moines Iowa to be the church! To vote on important resolutions that touched on important areas in the life of our church and of our world. We reaffirmed our commitment to justice and together, made decisions that will help us continue to minister wholeness in a fragmented world. 


With so much to do, see, to attend and to participate in, it’s hard to really pinpoint highlights. There were many dinners, luncheons, opportunities to catch up and connect with colleagues and friends, so many workshops and worship gatherings that in moments, if I am completely honest, it was a lot to take in. An unexpected blessing that many people loved and appreciated were the soul care moments during the business sessions. The National Benevolent Association sponsored moments during the business sessions at the assembly in which we would take intentional time to pause and take time to breathe. 

With each breath, we would take time to pause and reflect on the present moment. Asking God’s Spirit to center us, to guide us and to connect deeply with us. We would pause for the opportunity to connect with our bodies and release any tension we might be carrying, stretching and even striking super hero poses to encourage us to move, to give thanks for the work we do both individually and as the body of Christ. I was one of the leaders that lead these moments. It helped to ground me throughout the entirety of the assembly. 


These soul care moments, as they were called, allowed me to pause and give thanks for the opportunity to have my children with me at the assembly. To breathe during the moments of tension when we had to take the skywalk (a long connection of walkways through the downtown area) and we were tired and hungry and the girls would keep asking me, are we there yet mommy? 

Breathing deeply I was able to really give thanks for the ways in which I was able to see women, youth, men, children, laugh, and greet one another knowing that they were family. It was a beautiful and sacred way to recognize the importance of being one. One church, one family, one in the spirit Abiding in God’s Presence and breathing in renewal of energy, of focus, of passion and of strength for the work we still have to do. 


We are Disciples of Christ, a movement of wholeness in a fragmented world. And at General Assembly I experienced God’s spirit every time I paused and just breathed. I left Des Moines feeling compelled to continue to pause and just breathe. Really breathe with the intentionality to slow down my racing mind, my heartbeat and allow my body and soul to connect to the sacredness that is present in every moment. 

Abiding in God should be something that we strive to do in every moment and pausing and breathing allowed me to do that. I invite you to also pause and take moments to breathe and take in the present. May the moments that you steal away to simply breathe deeply and slowly, gift you peace. And may you be reminded that Abiding in the One who loves and welcomes all, is always a moment and breath away.

In Love, 

Pastor Tanya Lopez 
Disciples Women Coordinating Minister

Disciples Women, grab your calendars! We are planning our second ALL WOMEN Interregional event. If you are longing for the company of other women, desire to deepen your spiritual walk, and want to be connected to amazing Disciples women across the West, then mark down June 12-14, 2020 in your calendars. We will all descend on Las Vegas for our Interregional event....we can't wait. The theme is "Seeking God's Grace in the Desert" with confirmed keynote speakers Rev. LaTaunya Bynum and Rev. Lori Tapia, who will enliven you with their passion for the Gospel. Come to the desert with us in 2020 and find the grace you are seeking. The best way to stay up to date is to come to our website and sign up for news about the event at 

Other Announcements

DISCIPLES WOMEN MISSION PROJECT 2019 Shelter Supplies for Women and Children We encourage Disciple Women’s groups to adopt a local shelter. Reach out to the staff of the shelter. Ask them what they need and then commence to providing what was requested. Please share with the Disciples Women office what you are doing and if you post about it on social media don’t forget the tag it with #DWConnect so we can all celebrate and support the work.