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Rev. Lori Tapia, recently elected the first female National Hispanic Pastor

Rev. Lori Tapia, recently elected the first female National Hispanic Pastor



By Tanya Lopez, Disciples Women Coordinating Minister

Happy Birthday Disciples Women!

This year is a huge one! October 2019 marks 145 years of women being passionate, of women answering the call to action, and of women leading with compassion and justice oriented hearts and minds. What began as a woman’s vision to reinvigorate giving and support for missionary work and ministry beyond the local congregational level, blossomed into a Christian Women’s Fellowship, later to become what we know today as Disciples Women’s Ministries!

The Christian Women’s Fellowship continued to be passionate about mission and carrying the love of God to all the ends of the earth. Disciples Women across our denomination and in various parts of the world continue to be women who lead with conviction! Women who give to support mission, missionaries and ministries that are actively transforming lives. They lead ministries in their local regions and congregations that feed people, that help to provide safe spaces for children to receive after school care and tutoring, they are bringing awareness and working with programs that aim to eradicate human trafficking, and so much more!

Women of the church are organizing communities around issues and areas of immediate need such as supporting and standing in solidarity with people being affected by immigration and those that are refugees. Women are showing up for one another and having the difficult conversations and helping to facilitate healing and restoration in a variety of different ways! The women have been about this work and so much more since their inception 145 years ago. The women continue to be about the work and mission of the church now!

So, all year we are celebrating while also finding new ways to connect to each other and to continue to support one another as we strive to be the hands that feed any who are hungry, the feet that march, and the arms that lift one another up to bring healing and restoration in a fragmented world. You, the women of the Pacific Southwest Region, are a part of this work! You are all doing this work in your places of employment, in your families, in your congregations and in all the ways in which you choose love over hate! We celebrate you! We are grateful for you and we continue to be a sisterhood of women who seek to help one another discover our calls and step boldly into the ways God is calling us to minister and serve!

Happy Birthday to you amazing Disciples Women of the Pacific Southwest Region! Our church, our region, our denomination, and our world is better because you are in it! Because you say yes, because you show up, because you support, because you plan, you give, you lead, you serve, you pray, you worship and minister! For all the multiple ways you continue the work of our foremothers and fore sisters, thank you! We celebrate you and we know that this new season and the infinite new ways in which women are leading and serving in the church are a testament to the importance of women in the church and in the world.


May you continue to celebrate all year long, and may God continue to bless our work for the next 145 years and beyond!

In Love, 

Pastor Tanya Lopez

Disciples Women Coordinating Minister
115 E. Wilshire Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92832
(562) 652-3002